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Welcome, everybody!

A warm welcome to everybody who makes their way to this site, especially if you have an interest in breeding for pest & disease resistance. My name is Arvana Robinson, and I founded this website in collaboration with my uncle, Raoul Robinson, who is probably the world's leading expert on horizontal resistance breeding --- an easy-to-use and highly effective breeding technique that has been shunned by scientists all over the world.

The world has an urgent need for crop varieties that can reduce the crop protection sprays that are being used --- as well as making it easier for organic growers to get the best yields we can, without losing a large part of our crops to bugs and blight.

These forums are here so that we can all share our ideas and knowledge, ask for help, and exchange seeds and other resources with each other. We don't really know how big this will get, but it feels like there is a lot of readiness and enthusiasm for these ideas, and we're hoping it will grow beyond anything we can even imagine.

So please register an account, if you haven't already, introduce yourself here and join in! This site is yours to help build into whatever you want to make it.

To introduce myself briefly: I live in Guelph, Ontario, Canada; and I am an entrepreneur and web designer with backgrounds in organic growing, mechanical engineering and home renovation. I have been eating almost 100% organically for well over a decade, and am a strong advocate for natural health and environmental conservation. I've talked to a lot of people about the principles of population breeding, and felt that the time was right to share these ideas in the most open way possible. And so the Open Plant Breeding Foundation was born!

Let me just say it again --- what will make this site great is the community of growers and breeders that we are hoping will take root here, and all of the connections, contributions and interactions that can grow out of it. Which means that you are very much welcome to join us and be a part of our community!


I am starting up a outdoor bush tomato breeding project in the summer. I have been working towards improving the profitablitly and efficiency of small scale organic veg production for awhile now (as an amateur) and discovering HR has added greatly to my efforts. Organic horticulture has always worked on balencing the eco-system with the crop plants. Knowing that it is possible to approach things from the other end adds hugely to the potential of organic growing as the two approaches can meet in the middle, and dieases like blight that don't have any preadertors to incourage can be dealt with through stable host resistance. There is another breeding programme at Evergreen state college. and I hope to hear of other projects through this site.

Hi Samuel --

Great to hear about that tomato breeding program -- it seems as though a lot of people are starting to get onto the same page with regards to breeding for horizontal resistance. I'll write to Evergreen and see if there are any ways that we can collaborate.

Welcome to OPBF, and keep us updated with your results!

We are thrilled that you have posted this fabulous website. Thank you!

Would it be possible to have a wheat forum? I'm happy to help manage and respond to postings.
I coordinate decentralized on-farm Fertile Crescent and North American wheat breeding initiatives inspired by Raoul's work.

Eli Rogosa
Heritage Wheat Conservancy

Dear Arvana,
Thankyou for your warm welcome and for your nice and useful website. I hope I can improve my knowledge here, and I hope I can be useful member of your group.

Hello Arash -- it's wonderful to start seeing international members of this site; it confirms my feeling that there are a lot of great minds around the world who are thinking along these lines and want to break free from the commercially-dominated paradigm of vertical resistance breeding. Best of luck with your ongoing studies, and I hope that some of these ideas can start to take root in your part of the world!

Hello All - I'm a starting gardener here in Central Florida - and I stumbled across your wonderful site. I hope to learn a lot from here and would love to do anything I can to help. Although the diseases and pests here in Florida are somewhat different than that of Canada - it would be an honor to participate - and with such a long growing season, It's possible to double the data!

Wishing all a wonderful weekend!

Michael King
Tavares, FL

I'm a twelve year-old with an interest in horticulture. My father studied horticulture in college so I'm not short on basic info .But I'm not really sure if this is the right place to get my questions answered, you all seem to be both adults and working on serious projects.

Anyway, I think the whole concept of this site is cool and maybe I can get some advice on the few projects chasing each other round my head!



Hey Laburnia - where are you based?  If you want to give me a shout we could chat plants and breeding.  I'm a tad closer to 50 than you, but a child at heart and keen to do a bit of breeding too..... what do you like to grow?

PS  I've just joined the forum... and it does seem sad that when an enthusiastic 12 year old enquires about getting advice on her projects that no one answers!