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Get Involved with OPBF!

The Open Plant Breeding Foundation can only exist with the amazing support of our volunteer plant breeders, website contributors and partner organizations. If you would like to jump in, there are many different areas where we need your help!  Try these: 

Volunteer as a Plant Breeder

If you have a garden area that you can devote to growing out some new varieties, please let us know! There is a fairly small amount of work involved; you can read about the method here. The only challenge you need to be aware of is pests and diseases -- which need to be encouraged on the breeding plot -- being transferred to other areas of your garden; if you are growing the same plants for food, you may want to keep them well isolated.To volunteer as a plant breeder, you can either post on our forums, or contact us directly. Please let us know how large of an area you are able to plant, and if you have a preference, which crops you are interested in breeding.

Help Expand our Knowledge-Base

This website is a continually-expanding resource of knowledge on breeding for horizontal resistance, with a special focus on organic agriculture. If you have any related knowledge to share, and any questions or comments on the material that's already here, please take the leap and add them in!You are welcome to submit articles, contribute to the Open Breeding Wiki, and add comments to almost any page on the site.Our forums are also an important source of information-sharing, and we would be very happy to have you join our discussions!If you don't already have a user account, you can register here and start now.

Partner Organizations

OPBF is developing relationships with many other organizations who are doing related work in plant breeding, seed saving and organic agriculture. If you are part of a group who would like to work with us -- even if it is just to link to each other's websites -- please contact us now.

Financial Support

While OPBF in its present form has minimal financial needs, we have plans in the near future to expand our operations to include winter breeding cycles in greenhouses. This has the potential to cut the time required to reach our breeding goals in half.In order to set up our greenhouse space and a small laboratory with part-time staffing, we will be seeking financial support. If you have contacts with a funding agency, or would be willing to volunteer to help seek funding, we will be very happy to hear from you.


We are preparing press kits to share our story, and are very happy to receive publicity both online and in the traditional media. We are also available for interviews and photo ops. If you have media contacts, or run a website, please contact us for additional material.


We are very grateful for everybody who has given their enthusiasm and support to this project so far. It is starting to snowball, and we are eager to see where the future will lead!