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2010 Projects

Hello Everyone!

I'm a new "face" here at the Foundation, hoping to instill some new energy into a very worthy project.  To that end, I'm asking for help from everyone out there who knows something about plant breeding.

The Foundation's new direction is to have multiple breeding projects going on at the same time.  Something for everybody is the goal.  We want to be able to have as many people as possible participate, so these projects will need to be designed so that most amateur gardeners can be involved.  Disease and insect resistance is the main goal of these projects, using Dr. Robinson's tried and true methods of recurrent mass selection.

We'd like to start out with potatoes, tomatoes and onions.  Let's make this a truly participatory breeding project, from the design all the way through production and evaluation.  Sign in now and share what you know about creating resistance breeding projects.

Hi Gaiagrower

I'm probably on the wrong side of the planet, but this all looks interesting stuff.  ;)


PS This CAPTCHA thing is a real pain.  I find it takes me 2 to 3 goes to get the code it wants.  If the forum is to become more active then that thing needs to be lost and another anti-spam measure found!