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Eastern Canadian Organic Seed Growers Network

Greetings all! I receive the Canadian Organic Growers e-news each month, and saw the brief blurb about this new non-profit and was VERY excited!

My name is Andrea Berry, owner of Hope Seeds in Knowlesville, New Brunswick. I am also a certified organic seed grower and contract others to grow seed for me. My focus is on high quality seed for organic systems, with diverse genetic stability and preference for heritage and open-pollinated selections that do well in short seasons (only a 90 day season out here!).

I have been active in organizing a new group called the Eastern Canadian Organic Seed Growers Network, in collaboration with Daniel Brisebois of Ferme Cooperative Tourne-Sol in Quebec, and Seeds of Diversity Canada. The intention is to create a forum for organic seed growers (working beyond the backyard, hobby scale) and companies in this region of the world to form a critical mass. This "mass" can then start to network with each other, work collaboratively, and attract the "experts in their field" to hold advanced-level workshops and training. There is such a drought of organic seed production information out here - much of it is centered on the west coast. I am in contact with the Organic Seed Alliance, and they are very supportive of this initiative and want to be involved.

We will be holding our formative meeting in Montreal on Friday, March 28th. Tom Stearns of High Mowing Organic Seeds in Vermont will be our keynote speaker, and help facilitate the development of our mission, goals and (hopefully!) an active committee to develop our ideas into action. High Mowing Organic Seeds includes an organic seed breeding program in their business.

For those interested, please do not hesitate to be in touch with me. Our list of registrants is getting full, but there is still room for more!

Great site - can't wait to browse through some more!




Great to hear from you! It sounds like your project is a terrific initiative, and I can't wait to see how we can work together.

If you have any organic seed growing information that you can share on this site, you are very welcome to start adding it to the wiki -- I'm sure it will be relevant to breeders and seed producers from all over. And we would be very happy to help support the work you are doing as well!