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Everybody is welcome to participate!

Whether you're a full-blown organic farmer, or just keep a small patch of garden in your back yard, you are welcome to help us select the next generations of our plant varieties. You don't need to learn the scientific background of this type of breeding --- you only need to be able to grow some plants and select the best ones.

You'll not only be helping to create a new class of disease-resistant plants that will be great for both organic and conventional growers....'ll also get to experience how easy it is to breed for disease resistance --- and you'll be the first to have our best seeds, which will get better with every generation.

Let us know here if you want to join in!


I'd like to find or create a group near Shawnigan Lake on Vancouver island, BC, Canada


Zac Helmberger O.U.R. Ecovillage, Shawnigan Lake, BC Canada