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Hello from dannyh


I have been actively involved in taro improvement, especially breeding for horizontal resistance against taro diseases. I was involved in an international project to address these challenges. We have accumulated a wealth of information and I look forwarded to sharing this with the forum. I am particularly interesed in participatory approaches to plant breeding especially how such approaches can be integrated into teaching about breeding, agricultural biodiversity and plant genetic resources enhancement. I am equally interested as to how such collaborative learning can improve the teaching and practice of participation (usually neglected).

I am familiar with Raoul's work and used his ideas about University Breeders Club to establish one at the University of the South Pacific. We had a great many good experiences but some less so, but that's life. What is important is sharing the good practices and learning from the mistakes.

 Before sharing I would like to suggest that the possibility of a Crop-Specific forum on Taro, and possibly one on Capacity Building.

 Regards Danny


I'm delighted to hear about your work on taro diseases. It's exciting to see how Raoul's work has spread, and to see people like you who are putting it into practise.

I've added a taro forum, and you're also very welcome to create a section on taro in the wiki, for any information you have that you would like to make available to others on a more 'permanent' basis.