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hi everyone from England, would love to join you in open plant breeding.

Hello everyone, I'm new to gardening (2yrs) and accidently came accross the site and plant breeding info (very encouraging I have to say), been collecting seeds for a while now  (never really understood why exactly until I heard about the Norway seed vault) so just need to learn the ropes on raising up these plants of renown with the strength to shrug off diseases, Ive had trouble with Potatos and Tomatos getting blight and read somewhere on line on a forum (sorry cant remember where) where a guy used to pour blight on a patch of potatoes every year and the ones that over come it got re planted next year and so on....but the horizontal resistance is something Ide love to do after aquiring two seperated 150 square yard plots of land I can now at least try to develop some blight resistance.

anyone who can point me in the right direction can be a guide, and would be highly appreciated.

anyone into seed swapping can get me on my yahoo in my profile.

best wishes and kind regards

Wes Hayden


If you click on that link lefthand side bar you should get to a list of books including the potato breeders handbook that will give as much information as you need to get started.

hello Hayden, Are you still a growing.  What are  you up to? from another forum Newbie!

hello Sally, gosh this is a very late reply, apologies. After a very long holiday Ive finally got the seeds and spare time & space etc (better late than never eh lol) year one...desiree were planted, they flowered and the survivors of the blight got processes like tomato seed, last year I sowed a tray of them (100+) and picked the vigorous ones to pot on, they bore conker sized tubers and were grown indoors. THIS YEAR...2012 lol....they are in the ground in my garden....hoping to get a bigger sized tuber down below and the same blight resistance (just hope i have started off enough seedlings) still have lots of viable seed so will keep sowing them.