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Selecting the original parents

I have been looking at the British Potato Council's Variety Database for different varieties. They list resistance to Damage, Pests and Diseases using the results of National List and Independant Variety Trials. I noticed that varieties have high resistance to Globodera rostchiensis Ro1 or low resistance with little inbetween. And nothing has very much resistance to Globodera pallida Pa2/3,1. A few varieties have complete resistance to individual viruses but only the Sarpo varieties have good resistance to more than one virus. Investigating this further I found two articles on resistance breeding that shed some light on my observations. and on viruses I would be interested to hear what you make of them, the terminology is different, how does that relate to your HR breeding methods and what does this mean for the selection of parent varieties in a breeding programme. For example Lady Balfour has excelent resistance to many p+d including the highest level of resistance to globodera pallida of any organic certified variety (4 out of 9). however it has complete resistance to potato virus Yo does this mean I can't use it as a parent?


I have just checked the link to the article on virus resistance and it doesn't work. If you select the link to the journal heridity on the page you end up at, and search for breeding virus resistant potatoes, you will be able to find the article; Breeding virus resistant potatoes (solanum tuberosum): a review of traditional and molecular approches. by Ruth M Soloman-Blackburn, Hugh Barker. Also by the same authors A reveiw of host major gene resistanceto potato viruses X, Y, A and V in potato: genes, genetics and mapped locations. I don't want comments on molecular approches as all that went clean over my head.