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Welcome to the Wheat Forum

Modern wheat, the most widely grown crop on earth, is bred for high yield for industrial systems. It has evolved through a genetic bottleneck of pedigree breeding for uniformity, is dependent on pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, and lacks adaptability to anticipated climate changes. Heritage wheats have been selected by generations of traditional farmers for adaptable resilience, are higher in nutrition, with rich delicious flavor, but are almost-extinct due to replacement by modern wheat cultivars.

In this historic period of unprecedented climate change, the genetic uniformity of modern wheats is a disaster waiting to happen. Wheat prices have tripled in the past ten months. Let us restore the genetic diversity of our wheat systems, by conserving almost-lost landraces, creating 'new landraces' by crossing diverse varieties with superior traits, re-introducing wild emmer wheat geneflows, and coordinating community seed exchanges.

This Wheat Forum is a network to engage researchers, farmers and gardeners in working together to share our questions, post our on-farm research and to foster a decentralized community exchange for open wheat breeding in the public domain.

Eli Rogosa
Heritage Wheat Conservancy